8 Week Challenge


If you’re ready to re-create your mindset, body and ability in the gym, then sign up for the next 8 weeks and achieve results!

No matter the goal - weightloss, muscle gain, confidence - you can achieve them in the challenge

All you need to do is click the below below, and start taking actions to focus on YOU!

The August 8 Week Challenge will run from August 5th to September 29th.

Start now to get results you can sustain.

What does it include?

“I want my clients to feel they can sustain their results.”

Membership perks

Stay motivated

If your feeling lost then TEAM SCC is the place for you.


Why do it alone when you could have a TEAM behind you?

Talk to me

A weekly check in will keep you on track throughout.

Easy-to-follow videos

Know you're training the right way with my easy-to-follow videos and simple instructions.

Workout programs

All fitness levels can join the program - you´re here to become confident and strong.

Nutrition made simple

Learn what to fuel your body with without boring meal plans you cant stick to.

The results speak for themselves

What does it include?

Weekly check in forms with your coach in TEAM SCC - Photos and Measurements that only we can see.

8 Week Workout Program - Home or Gym depending on what you have available to you. Video demonstrations on each exercise through an interactive app.

Specific calories and macros for your goal at the beginning of the 8 weeks.

Daily accountability in the group where you will post food ideas and gain tips from everyone else.

Weekly Yoga/Mediation that you have the option of participating in with our very own SCC Yoga teacher Kate.

A wide variety of recipes available to you with new added recipes each week from our recipe creator Sarah.

Community group chat with all of the incredible ladies in the challenge experiencing the same journey as you.

Weekly Q&A videos where I answer all your questions through videos.

Activity goal to be completed each week.

Weekly Accountability - no hiding in this challenge.