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Take a look at what my clients have to say and the transformations they achieved in 1-1 and the 8 Week Challenges.

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“I started my weightloss journey almost a year ago, these are my before and during, because I'm far from finished yet! *Sorry Sarah, you're stuck with me for another while 😂⁣ Joining Sarah's challenges is the best investment I have ever made in myself, it has reignited my love for training. I love the fact that there is no restriction around food, this challenge is all about education and becoming more aware of what you are eating and drinking! So much so, I am now in the process of completing a nutrition course myself. ⁣ When the penny drops and it finally clicks that consistency is more important than perfection, that's when changes happen, yo-yo diets are a thing of my past and I couldn't be happier!⁣ Over the past year, not only have I changed physically, but mentally! I have become fitter, stronger, happier and healthier, and finally becoming a little more confident in my own skin, I still have a way to go but I know, that with continuing to work with Sarah, I will definitely be hitting my goals!⁣ Thanks so much Sarah 💕”⁣

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“I have been the girl that’s cried over the number on the scales, thrown in the towel when the numbers didn’t go in the right direction and let a weigh in dictate what I would eat or drink to try get the number as low as I could! I had such a negative relationship with my body and scales. So decided not to do weigh ins for the whole challenge and focus on other pics and measurements. Each week I could see the measurements going down while getting stronger and fitter. I was delighted with how far I’d come in the 8 weeks and out of curiosity decided to weigh myself on the last check in day and was 1.5kg heavier! Old me would have been in tears but I actually laughed when I saw it, the numbers don’t mean anything to me because I feel better and look better! Sarah has just changed my whole mindset around food and exercise, I can’t speak highly enough of her coaching! “

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“This is my second challenge with Sarah, I signed up in January when I was at the lowest point in my life, had lost both parents within 10 months of each other and had buried my head in grief, was having few glasses of wine every evening to try help me sleep and was binge eating and just wanted to hide away from everyone. The nerves and anxiety starting was unreal but from day 1 of the challenge I threw myself into it and can honestly say I’ve loved every second of it. Sarah has thought me soooo much about food and just the basics really do work and not focusing on the scales. I’ve never felt so good in my life, my energy is unbelievable and I’m loving my workouts now as I’m starting to build up my strength. I’ve never experienced a group chat full of women supporting each other so much, all the girls are just so supportive and helpful😌I’m just feeling on top of the world with the progress I’ve made in just a short time and can’t thank Sarah enough. She’s an amazing coach. Anyone thinking of signing up JUST DO IT, it’s the best decision I have ever made💞💞”

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“I started with Sarah last July when I thought it would be the kick start I needed to loose a few pounds but never in a million years thought I would enjoy it so much that here I am on challenge no. 4. I turned 40 last year and didn't feel confident or comfortable in my own skin and with 3 kids and working I felt like I had no time for me. I've learned from Sarah that you have to learn to make time to fit everything in, I plan out my week, I pick the days I have to workout and stick to them. I get up early for a walk and get the steps done. I meal plan a few days at a time and know I'll hit my protein each day, after awhile it then becomes habit. Are my days busy YES but I wouldn't change a thing right now. It can seem daunting when you are starting out but you won't regret it. ❤”

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“This is my second challenge with Sarah! This time around I’m not focusing on weight loss but building muscle and improving on my workouts. Trying to concentrate more on progressive overload and reps, which is still manageable without a gym 🙈 The advice and tools Sarah gives you to achieve your goals are simple when well managed and organised! I have a busy lifestyle between work and hobbies and I really don’t feel like I have to deprive myself of anything! So sometimes it’s hard to believe I’m still getting results 🙈 that it’s that easy ☺️ I have so much more energy, I have learned the importance of sleep, reducing stress and really looking after myself! The workouts and the calories are just part of it, Sarah reminds you it’s a lifestyle change and enforcing small habits consistently WORKS!!! I have a much better relationship with my body and my mind and I have bigger better goals to work towards, that don’t focus on the scales!! I never thought I’d be saying that 😆❤️ The motivation and support from Sarah and the girls in the group is unbelievable! We are not just told what to do, we’re taught and we learn. Taking the leap last October to join the challenge then was one of the best decisions I’ve made! I can’t wait for many more wins alongside this amazing woman!! ❤️”

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“I started my first challenge with Sarah back in July and I have to say it was the best decision I have ever made. I literally rolled out of the last lockdown, over weight, eating too much, drinking too much and feeling crap about myself. I could barely look in the mirror. Now I am fitter, stronger both physically & mentally then ever before. For the first time in years I am prioritising exercise, I’m taking responsibility for what I eat & drink and loving it.. I still have takeaways, I still have chocolate, I still have a few drinks and I still lost weight... Sarah is an absolutely amazing coach full of knowledge, empathy and understanding - she’s tough with the group when she needs to be and most importantly when you need her to give you a kick in the ass to get you back on track she will but with empathy and understanding.. I’m just about to start my 3rd challenge and can’t wait.. I’ll be lost without the group for the week, it really is so motivating especially on the days your just not - the girls get you through .. ⁣ ⁣ I can’t recommend SCC enough.. if you are anyway on the fence about signing up, get off and just do it - it’s the best thing you will ever do for yourself.. “⁣

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“I’ve just finished Sarah challenge, I done 6 weeks and I can’t believe the change in my body. I’ve learned so much from the last 6 week, how important movement is ( getting your steps in each day) that you can still have a drink, eat chocolate & have a takeaway once you track it. But most of all I will never go by the scales again, Sarah gave me so much information on everything, tracking food, your daily NEAT & how important it is, the most amazing recipes, workout, yoga classes,the list goes on & on. I’ve meet the most amazing & encouraging lady’s in our what’s app group together we supported each other each day and I found this part of the challenge amazing. Sarah is no walk over so be prepared for Tough-love but is always the most amazing lady who will show you nothing but support and encouragement & is always there for you 24/7 I can not recommend her enough she gave me the tools I need to change 🥰” ⁣

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“I started my first challenge with Sarah in December coming off the back of a sports injury and a very unhealthy lifestyle and just decided it was time to change my lifestyle and that’s exactly what Sarah helped me do. ⁣I was always very active but my eating habits were tragic and she gave me the knowledge to see that you don’t have to sacrifice the fineries in life for achieving the goals you want to achieve, you just have to know how to balance it all. ⁣I never thought that I would be able to keep it up because of how compulsively I used to snack on bad food but 4 months on, nearly 15kg down and two challenges complete she must have taught me a hell of a lot more than I realised. I could not recommend her enough, the challenges are such a good kick in the bum you need to start but what she teaches you throughout is something you can carry with you for the rest of your life. She doesn’t just teach you how to improve your eating habits and encourage you to exercise in ways you enjoy but always highlights the importance of your own head space and taking time out for that and that’s so refreshing to hear from a coach⁣. I will shamelessly admit I will be back with Sarah for another challenge with different goals in mind 🤩” ⁣

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“This is my first challenge with Sarah and certainly not my last! This has been such an amazing 8 weeks and I have learned so much in this time. I was worried going into maintenance calories as I always felt to get “toned” or reach my goal body was to stay in a deficit but it was never sustainable. When I seen how much calories I had to eat I was shocked but delighted At how much more I could eat! it’s not just a diet it’s a lifestyle change While still enjoying the food I love and not feeling guilty about it. Now that I’m in a maintenance I have more energy than ever before and enjoy getting stronger and doing my workouts😍 this challenge has definitely got me in such a good Routine. Before this challenge I would wake up 10 minutes before work and no energy to get much steps in and now I love waking up at 6am to get steps in and workouts before work! it has been such an amazing journey and Sarah is amazing at what she does🙏looking forward to seeing what the June challenge will bring. 💗”

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“This is my 3rd challenge with Sarah and I couldn’t be more happier with the progress I’ve made. I had over indulged a lot with food over the past year and a half and excercise was a complete no go and no confidence whatsoever. I was so unhappy with my size and shape and thought at nearly 46 years of age I could never change my habits or shape, Midway on my 2nd challenge I went to maintenance and I’m loving the extra calories. I have really noticed myself toning up in this challenge and just made up with seeing the changes in my photos, I never thought I could build some muscle and now that I see it I’m hooked☺️The strength I have built in such a short time shocks me and the energy I have is amazing. Sarah’s challenge was the best decision I have ever made not just for fitness but for health and low self esteem too, I’m the healthiest and strongest I have ever been in my life. I can’t thank Sarah enough for all her help, support and encouragement through my journey, she’s just been the best coach💞 💪🏼💪🏼”⁣

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“I signed up to Sarah’s 8 week challenge because I felt like I needed some extra motivation and accountability coming into summer but I never expected to receive the level of support I did from something that wasn’t 1-1⁣. Just before the start of the challenge I booked a 2 week holiday for weeks 6 and 7 of the challenge and I messaged Sarah worried that I wouldn’t get the most out of the 8 weeks if I was essentially going to be taking 2 weeks off but she reassured me and told me to just give 100% for the 5 weeks coming up to my holidays and I did that while still enjoying weekly nights out with friends and family after coming out of lockdown. By week 5 I was feeling the best, strongest and happiest I had ever felt. I ended up finding a gym while I was away and still did all of my workouts because they made me feel so good and I never dreaded them .⁣Sarah was always just a text or an email away whenever you needed her and the accountability and support from the group chat was one of the best things about the whole challenge ⁣. This honestly felt like a 1-1 service and I’m so happy I made the decision to just do it after following Sarah for so long and I’m already excited for the next challenge to see what more changes I can make”

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“Consistency +accuracy = results! At the start of this year I was mentally and physically unhappy , with mentally beating myself up every night . That’s when I decided to do Sarah’s challenges from the recommendation of friends and families whom did it. And to tell you the truth it was the best thing I ever did , even if your a beginner, mum or a pro at training wanting to restart. ⁣I’ve just finished my third challenge with Sarah at a maintence and do I feel my lifestyle and eating habits have changed for the better, plus I have see the most results from this maintenance phase ! DO NOT BE AFRAID OF MAINTENCE ! As even though my weight and measurements flucated constantly I look better in photos than even in my deficit phases. Sarah taught me to understand that focusing on the scales will not get you very far as you could weigh the same but look leaner , as photos show way more progress than scales ! “

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“This challenge has been a welcomed focus, I needed something to help me with some accountability and after months of considering it, I took the plunge and signed up to the challenge.⁣ It's such a cliché, but you can spend your whole life waiting to be ready for something and instead it just passes you by. With a full time job and a masters starting soon, I wanted to be in better habits before the winter months and lack of free time closed in.⁣ I have not become a serious food tracker or gym goer (just yet), but I have been consistent with my water intake, sleep and average weekly steps. The simple things. ⁣ It's amazing how much we can accomplish when we break it down into small achievable actions. The challenge has given me the support and knowledge that not everyday will be 100% and that's ok.⁣ I'm looking forward to continuing my journey now that Sarah and the team have helped me to make a solid foundation to grow from :)” ⁣

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“This was my second challenge with Sarah and I couldn't be happier with the results and my new mindset. The challenge is not about fast weight loss, it's about changing your lifestyle and your relationship to food and exercise in a way that is sustainable for you. This challenge is the best decision I have made this year. Before starting I was so down calling myself fat, feeling unattractive and mostly I lacked of energy. I couldn't recognize myself my clothes did not fit anymore and I felt guilty about eating, my relationship with food was wrong and was getting worst. Today, I regain vitality, I can move, I can walk and breathe when before I couldn't walk 20 minutes without a break. I cannot express how much confidence I gained during these two challenges, I feel good in my body for the first time ever and I feel alive. I even start to see muscles definition, I never thought this was even possible with a banded workout! I What truly amazes me is that there are nothing crazy or difficult about the challenge, its very easy for me. It's not a one fit all recipe, everyone in the group tailor the challenge to suit their lifestyle. The group is the best part of the challenge! We support each other, you receive advise, tips and tricks from ladies that have been there longer.”

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“This is my 4th challenge with Team SCC and I absolutely love them but this one is my favourite so far. I started to see a plateau in my weight the first few weeks so I chatted with Sarah and we decided to try reverse dieting so we slowly increased my calories which I was delighted about because I’ve started to love my food but I knew that I would have to keep my output high with this. Within the first week my energy was so much higher and the extra food was fueling me to want to do more 🙌and my pictures and measurements started to show this extra food helping. Team SCC has changed my life and given me so much more than just loosing weight/ being healthier I wouldn’t be where I am without the support and help from both coaches and all the amazing ladies in the challenge💖.Can’t wait for the next challenge to continue on my journey.”

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