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Take a look at the three coaching services I offer and see which one will work for your goals.

Sarah Catterson

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SCC Fitness APP

Scc Fintness App Phone

TEAMSCC 8 Week Challenges

8 Week Challenges

TEAMSCC 1-1 Coaching

One To One Coaching
Scc Fintness App


Why is the app perfect for you? 

This app is perfect if you want to get started with a program before the next 8 week challenge goes live to keep you accountable OR  until we have 1-1 spaces available OR after an 8 week challenge to keep you accountable without a coach OR you may just want to use the app without having a coach - I'm your PT in your pocket!

What does it include?


This is the NEXT level of coaching and accountability if you feel you need check ins with a coach to get you to your goals.

You will get weekly check ins with your coach where we will change and adapt what you need that week.

Read more details below on what is included.

Then have the part of the date and join the wait list as it says there.

Sarah Catterson 8 Week Challenge

What does it include?

About Sarah Catterson


This is the top tier of coaching in TEAMSCC.

I will place the details below for the 1-1 and if you are interested and 100% committed to the level of detail in this coaching service -. Then please fill out the form below and I will be in touch with pricing. I will put you on the 100% list and you will be emailed as soon as a space becomes available!

You will be paired with the best coach for your goals in TEAMSCC and work 1-1 alongside your coach for check ins but be a part of TEAM SCC availing of EVERYTHING you would get in the TEAMSCC challenges too.

What does it include?

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