Sarah Catterson Coaching Team

Hey! Thank you so much for your enquiry for 1:1 coaching.
Due to the demand for our 1:1 coaching, we are only able to take consult calls for those who select that they are able to invest 50 a week into their coaching.
However, we have options available for all at SCC!
Below you can find out more about our challenge, and our app.

Scc Fintness App


Why is the app perfect for you? 

This app is perfect if you want to get started your journey in health and fitness, but aren't in a position to invest heavily into that right now. The app is available for as little as €1 a day!

With progressive workout plans, personalised calories and macros for your goals, the ability to log your workouts and weights, and so much more! Hit the link below to find out more.


This is the NEXT level of coaching and accountability if you feel you need check ins with a coach to get you to your goals.

You will get weekly check ins with your coach where we will change and adapt what you need that week.

Read more details below on what is included.

Sarah Catterson 8 Week Challenge

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