Sarah Catterson Meet Your Coach


Meet your coach

My name is Sarah. I am the Head Coach and founder of TEAM SCC. After going through my own fitness journey I have felt what you may feel now - lost, unsure how to get to your goal and confused. I want to use my knowledge, experience and voice to help you through the struggles I went through myself within the 8 Week Challenges or 1-1 Coaching.

I help my clients to change their lifestyle and break through the diet fads we see today. I am a firm believer in lasting results and don’t believe in 4 week plans and “no carb diets”. I want my clients to feel they can sustain their results without the feeling of deprivation from food and social life. 

My aim with clients is to build back confidence they may have lost with enjoyable training programmes and nutritional advice to fit their needs. I also help clients with stress, sleep and their mindset as this is a huge part of change both physically and mentally. 

I want to be your coach, not just your personal trainer. 

Sarah Catterson
“Beginning a lifestyle change should be exciting, not daunting.”
Sarah Catterson Transformation