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SCC's Simple Guide to Nutrition

Scc's Simple Guide To Nutrition

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About me

Sarah Catterson

I am the Head Coach and founder of the TEAM SCC 8 Week Programs. My aim is to help as many ladies create the best version of themselves and become a fitter, stronger, healthier YOU. I want to cut the fad diets, yo - yo dieting, restrictive eating, overtraining and the over complicating to make this the most sustainable journey you have been on.

“I want my clients to feel they can sustain their results without the feeling of deprivation from food and social life.”


Summer 8 Week Challenge

Do you feel lost in your fitness journey and unsure how to get the results you want?
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8 Week Challenges With Sarah


My Weightloss Guide

Ebook filled with information to help you gain the knowledge to get the results your looking for without having to have to pay for a coach. ⁣

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Scc's Simple Guide To Nutrition


SCC's Simple Guide to Nutrition

Whether you are just starting to learn about nutrition or you are a seasoned (excuse the pun) nutrition enthusiast – this eBook has something for you!